Authors Guidelines


The authors before communicating any manuscript should understand that the manuscript been submitted to Journal is not been published and neither under consideration for publication elsewhere. All manuscripts shall be submitted as per the guidelines of the journal in understandable English, Single line spacing, Times New Roman, with no spelling and grammatical mistakes. Any manuscript carrying spelling and grammatical mistakes or not following the guidelines of the journal shall not be processed for peer review and shall be returned to the authors. The manuscripts shall be subjected to rigorous peer review process and shall be peer-reviewed by two or more specialist in the fields. The decision of the reviewers shall be final, depending on the decision of the reviewers the article can be categorized to accepted, accepted with minor correction, accepted after major revision and rejected. Manuscript once rejected shall not be reconsidered.

The content of manuscripts must be arranged with major headings and specific sections:

Title Page: 

A brief and informative title that replicate the contents of the manuscript (Font size: 18), with all initial letters of the entire words should be capitalized.

Name of each author to be spelled out completely (Font size: 12, bold faced). 

Place of research carried out to be mentioned and the author willing to take up all the correspondence related to manuscript to be marked with an asterisk along with his/her e-mail address (Font size 11).

Running title or short title not more than 50 characters


A complete briefing on the principle of the research, major innovation done, and conclusions, should come out in 250 words as running text (Font size: 10, line spacing- single).

KEY WORDS: 3-5 keywords (Font size 10, First letter of each key to be in Capital)

eg.  Development, Ash, Extract, Yoga.


Should be divided into INTRODUCTION





Main text headings should be in bold faced capital letters with a font size of 12, subheadings in bold faced non capital letters.

All the matter in the main text to be in font size 10, Times New Roman and with single line spacing.

EXPERIMENTAL: Brief description on the methodology, such that the follower can repeat the protocol. Approval letters for all concerned ethical committee to be received and the authors need to include the statement that their research was approved by the Ethical Committee in the manuscript.


Referencing within the text should be in number system with the reference numbers appearing as superscripts at the end of the sentence.

eg:  WHO states that 80% of World’s population still depends on herbal medicine1.

  1. Edwin E, Sheeja E, Dhanabal SP, Suresh B (2002): Anti Hyperglycemic Activity of Passiflora edulis, Plant Archives 5(1), 29-21.
  2. Sheeja E, Joshi SB, Jain DC (2002): Comparative pharmacognostic studies on roots powder of some plants, Indian Journal of Natural Products, 15(2), 20-29.
  3. Edwin JE, Sheeja EJ (2007): Text book of Pharmacognosy and phytochemistry: CBS publishers, New Delhi, Edn 1, 27-28.


 Figures and Legends: All figures should be clear and should have a figure no. in the series it is appearing in the manuscript.

Figures to be separately uploaded in so as to enable editing if required. (JPEG, GIF, TIFF format)

Tables and Formulae:

Must be numbered successively as it appears in the manuscript in Arabic numerals. Tables should be self explanatory along with legends (if required).

How to submit your manuscript:

Manuscript along with the covering letter and any supplementary supporting data should be submitted to Journal as editable (Word) file by uploading the manuscript at "submit manuscript" link.